Monday, December 01, 2014

Bypass, lol

Bypass, lol. After nearly 4 years away from this site (never mind the whole issue of the bypass), and seeing the news today, that's all I can muster. Politicians - of any stripe - should be wary about making grand proclamations about road-building programs ('the biggest road building program since the Romans', anyone?). The only response they deserve that I can summon was on twitter, using the customary vernacular:

What has been a surprise is that the other two, main websites opposing the bypass seem to have disappeared. So consequently, this site now ranks quite highly on google in searches for the bypass. The old offer still stands, to contributors old & new: if you have something to say which is reasonably articulate about the issue (or even just 'lol'), then drop us a line, and we may well publish it. Until then, here's to making the proposed, apparently fully-funded and Public Inquiry-proof Bypass Redux go the way of Sean Parker-Perry's political career.