Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beep beep!

You have to feel sorry for Longdendale Siege Mentality. Being lovers of hopeless causes, they have gone to the trouble of waking up the silver surfer whose job it is to maintain their interweb contraption in order to get as many of their reputed 8,500 supporters to sign their petition. Yes, we've gone on and on about that before, but bear with us.

Allied with the plea on their homepage, a letter in the Glossop Chronicle exhorted the multitudes to go to this petition (whilst failing to give the URL - which does help), and they did manage to pull their socks up: the total currently stands at 110. They must be congratulated for coming within 30 signatures of ours. Someone put something in their collective Ovaltine no doubt.

But - I don't know how to break this. The opposing petition is now zooming off into hyperspace. The Siege are eating our dust...

...beep, beep!


canary said...

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Anonymous said...

I've just come across this blog after what seems like years driving past the 'dick turpin' sign. i never really thought about what a bypass could mean

I live in Stalybridge and a number of my weekends and evenings (when looking to de-stress) will include a drive over 'the tops' through Longdendale. Whenever I talk about where I live I always mention I have the best of both worlds, manchester one way and beautiful countryside the other.

if i have to get to the M1 i LOVE the drive to it. i DO NOT care to get there quicker and the M60 can be gotten too from the M1 already. what on earth is all this about? A bunch of pompous arrogant idiots wanting their names in the history books as those responsible for Tameside's economic growth? Are they trying to find more money to pay to extend the tacky council offices entrance? Fund the staff's ever increasing pay packet? Pay for another project launch/mid/completion/justbecause party with free booze? To give prats like 'Dickhead Twiceaday' a false ego boost in prep for his next drunken weekend in Vegas drooling over and mauling the ladies?

The sooner the ruler is knocked off his throne the better. Maybe his sheep will remember why they became councillors in the first place and get back on track.

Anonymous said...

is this a genuine anti-road page or a 'slag off anyone who doesn't agree with us' whinge?

honest question.

Children of Lewin said...

Do we have to choose between the two? And how do you measure 'authenticity'?