Saturday, September 22, 2007

Glossop Critical Mass - on video

As promised, video-pixies have finished their work on the video of the first Glossop Critical Mass, and the world premiere is here!

One thing to note - this week's Glossop Chronicle has tried to play down the Critical Mass by saying there were 'less than a dozen' present. Not so, there were 14 taking part (including one very small non-cycling passenger) which is in our opinion is a pretty damn good start, garnering a lot of attention. We're sure there will be far more next time.


roadmunkey said...

And that is what you get when you take the piss out of one of their "junior" staff.

Glad everything went OK :)

thinkforyourself said...

Who let roadmunkey out of his cage? While the boss is away, the minions will invariably piss about on the Internet. Will he never learn.