Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Latest in the roll call of visitors

We love it when our enemies visit. So after our recent post in which we mentioned how 2 of the UK's biggest roadbuilding firms are looking to consolidate into one mega-company, Carillion (not to be confused with the 1980s prog-rockers, Marillion) popped by today.

The best bit is that they landed on the label 'cynical bastards', presumably to look at the good company they are keeping.

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Liam said...

That is strange... They actually landed on Roy Oldham Woodhead Chameleon but refered internally on the "tag" cynical bastards.

So it would appear that Carillion are doing their homework on a Mr. Oldham. They wouldn't be wanting to fritter their money down the drain now would they on Roy Oldham's previously contradictory comments.