Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Purnell - scouring the Shire with his trusty 'staff'

We're way behind with things here. But we're slowly catching up on visitors, and going back a couple of weeks, we had a most intriguing visit.

It seems someone from Trader Media Ltd (an arm of the Guardian Media Group) had landed on our site after searching google with the phrase "Purnell's staff". Whatever could they mean?

Do they mean the mighty staff with which he is about to smite the most vulnerable sections of society (Nu Labour translation: "raising skills", "credible ladders of opportunity", "Arbeit Macht Frei" etc, ad nauseum)? Perhaps. Or were they looking for a pipsqueak (a now completely silent one at that). More likely.

The rest is a mystery to us. But watch this space.


Tameside Eye said...

Interesting. I have had KPMG searching for "Sean Parker-Perry" on Google. Now I am on the second page of results. Seems a bit strange. Or does Parker-Perry have a relative who works for KPMG?

Now why is Sean not on the parliamentary assistants register? He certainly has a few interests to declare. He can't use the excuse that he forgot as that has already been used by Cllr. Brenda Warrington working for Andrew Gwynne.

There is only one Sean Parker-Perry!

Lee Evans said...

Hey Liam what did the old bill say to you when they told you to stop stalking Sean?