Monday, February 11, 2008

Outraged of Tunbridge Wells (via Hyde)

As folk both locally and nationally will have noticed, it's not been a good few months for James Purnell, with this last week being no exception. Now you may think that this blog is just about the bypass, and other pressing environmental issues in Longdendale & Glossopdale, and you'd be right. But in for a penny, in for a pound...

So firstly, people with a short memories (and with a press cutting library less extensive than ours) may be surprised to learn that Mike Doherty is not the only one of Purnell's staff members to write into the press to support his boss, when it seems his constituents are less than supportive on an issue.

Just over 12 months ago (14th December 2006 to be precise), another member of Purnell's staff called Barbara Charlesworth (that's her with Sean & Mike above, presumably taken by James) wrote to support Purnell following a letter from an anti-bypass campaigner which criticised Purnell's contradictory stance on environmental issues and his support for the bypass.

Let's hope that Barbara hasn't decided to conceal her real address, like Doherty has - we'll let interested readers look into that one for us.

And a week earlier (7th December 2006), someone else wrote in too.

This time, it's John Bibby, son of the former Longdendale Councillor Peter, who we understand has also worked for Purnell. The latter comments of his about people "in the villages deciding what happens here" is presumably one of the reasons why Purnell has now decided to flog his London mansion and set up shop in Broadbottom (66 Mottram Road according to his 2005 Election nomination - whoops, there's Barbara again!). Well, one of several hundred thousand (if not million) reasons no doubt...

Regarding Purnell's tax dodge, there's been much talk of it being perfectly legal. That may be, but that doesn't make it right. But are we truly surprised by this man's latest actions? Really? This man's record increasingly speaks for itself - you only have to read his wikipedia entry (occasionally edited by his Girlfriend Lucy Walker and also his Parliamentary Political Operative/Gopher/Fluffer Sean Parker Perry), plus the talk pages of said entry to see what he is made of.

But perhaps the most vile fact about this yuppie twerp goes unmentioned in most places. In May 2006, he helped Cherie Blair to auction a copy of the Hutton report she had signed to raise money for the Labour Party. Yes, that's the report into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly. Need we say more? Truly vile...

(NB - the link to the 2005 General Election nomination page no longer works, but the archive has it here)


Tameside Eye said...

Oh my goodness! Great article. As you may of read on Tameside Eye, Barbara Charlesworth's husband is Roy Oldham's political assistant.

Lee Evans said...

Children of the fucked up mind kiss my arse.