Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stalybridge tell Tesco to stick their 'Store on Stilts'

It seems that the tide may be starting to turn against Tesco locally if reports from Stalybridge are anything to go by.

An an echo of what has already happened in Glossop some time ago (and as we reported back in May), in Stalybridge Tesco have been 'consulting' (and we use the term loosely) about planned changes to the store. You know the rest: an extended store, 'mezzanine', 'store on stilts' etc.

But last night, 350 people turned out to a public meeting to make clear Tesco's plans are not at all welcome, including both Labour and Tory Councillors. Perhaps understandably, Tesco didn't show up, though they were invited.

So this 'softening up' exercise has manifestly failed so far. Apparently a 'Say No 2 Tesco' group has been formed (shame about the name), but it's not yet clear if this only extends to Stalybridge and not their plans to decimate Mottram as well - we hope some of the people who are concerned about Tesco in Stalybridge extend their concerns to their doorstep and the traffic hell that another new unnecessary store will entail there.

In the meantime, will Tesco now realise their plans in Stalybridge are up against it and plough on? We'll see.

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