Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ruth Kelly - "good riddance to bad rubbish" or "bring on James Purnell"

You may have noticed that contributions to this blog have wained of late, which is for a number of good reasons, and most bloggers will know that a dearth of new posts means a decline in visitors. So when I checked the sitemeter this afternoon and saw that we had so far had 35 visitors, I knew something was up. A quick flit through the results brought up lots of people searching for one name - Ruth Kelly.

Yes, Ruth Kelly decided to resign today, and since we have mentioned her once or twice as well as photoshopped her fizzog, we attracted some attention. It seems that whilst it's quite likely that she engaged in corporeal mortification, the sheer torture of life in the Cabinet was more than she could take. Either that or she wants to spend more time with her family. We'll leave the debate to the political anoraks.

As far as we're concerned, look at her record: supporting a third runway for Heathrow & doing nothing to re-nationalise privatised Rail network seem the most stand out failures. But locally, she has presided over the utter farce that is the Longdendale Bypass Public Inquiry and done fuck all about National Grid's Plans for the Woodhead Tunnel, effectively pulling the pud of the Save the Woodhead Tunnel group (whom, it has to be said, seem content to have their pud pulled). Disastrous.

Wouldn't it be ironic - and completely delicious - if Gordon Brown were to choose to fill Kelly's place that yuppie drip James Purnell in his pending Cabinet reshuffle. Then battle would well and truly be joined. Bring it on Gordon.

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Tom Hagen said...

I doubt Purnell would be made transport secretary, it would be a demotion for him from heading up work and pensions. Purnell has been rumoured to be one of the rebel cabinet members along with Ruth Kelly ready to quit or call for a leadership elecyion if they get demoted or axed.

In rounds of fantasy cabinet on the political blogs, Purnell is predicted to keep his job or if Miliband ever gets to be PM then it is rumoured he will take the role of Foreign Secretary. Nice.

I think Andy Burnham is the one to look out for. Another Manchester MP who shared a flat with Purnell in their early days, however I doubt it as he has been so vocal in speaking against the C Charge.