Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Geoff Who? & Purnell - lolprats

In homage to one of our favourite websites, the wonderful, we present our moderately amusing take on the phenomenon that are the lolcats

So here's a challenge. If you know lolcats and you think you can do better than our version above, then email us with suggestions for an alternate caption for this, and any other picture of the pro-bypass protagonists which we can build into a regular series. If you provide (or point us to) the picture and the caption, we will do the rest...

(the above is a picture of Geoff Who? meeting James Purnell at the 'Hoongate' meeting - from Purnell's abortion of a website)


Tom Hagen said...

OK it isn't LOL speak. But here I go...

James: Hey Geoff, can you sign off this bypass dossier like you did with the Iraq war?

Geoff: Yeah sure, then we can auction it for funds for the Labour party.

James: Saweet!

Tom Hagen said...

OK here is something LOLesq. Not as good as yours.

Dodgy Dossiers.
...We like.


Dodgy Dossiers.
...We sell to u.