Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mystic Lev's 2009 Predictions

At this time of year, we're usually poking fun at Tom Levitt's predictions for the coming year. We'd like to remind you of Tom's words in previous years:

2007 - The summer will also bring the long awaited public enquiry into the Tintwistle Mottram bypass. I am confident it will give the plan the ‘green light’

2008 - We will find out the result of the Tintwistle Mottram bypass enquiry in 2008 and I am confident that, despite hiccups, the result will be in its favour

For two years on the run, this plonker has been plain wrong. We poured scorn on his words last year, when it should have been plainly obvious to, of all people, a politician that the statutory process made it unlikely the Inquiry would complete in 2008, and that was before all the hiccups that emerged through last year.

So it's perhaps unsurprising that Levitt doesn't mention the Bypass in his 'predictions' column this year - as he says "Economic uncertainties continue to dominate the agenda". Despite the motivational guff put on show for his cadre in the 'Hoongate' newsletter, Levitt clearly does not wish to cast a clout about the success of the Bypass when he knows the money may go elsewhere. 

Is this a sign - does Mystic Lev know something that we don't?

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