Friday, April 30, 2010

High Peak Hustings - Bypass 2.0 is for "cars powered by wind turbines"

Yesterday saw 3 of the candidates from the main political parties contesting the General Election take part in a 'hustings' event on High Peak Radio. NMB audio faeries whipped out their copies of Audacity to make a recording, and we've edited the 'lowlights' of the proclamations of the three candidates - i.e. the bit where they reveal their plans to trash the environment of the High Peak in numerous ways - and you can hear this at the foot of this post on the mp3 player.

We'll be back soon with a fuller analysis, but for the time being, we'll leave you with Alistair Stevens' (Lib Dem) bizarre The Day Today-esque response to a question we posed (which begins at 7:14) - the Bypass he wants to build will be for "cars powered by wind turbines". Whatever next...

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anonee said...

What a load of crap. These candidates have no idea. There was never a Glossop bypass, it was a Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle bypass - it failed scrutiny at the public inquiry. Now the council (or should we say Roy Oldham) has shoved Mottram Show off into Hattersley so he can lay tarmac as a Mottram only bypass. This will also fail. The only wind to power such cars would come from Roy Oldham's arse.