Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Raison D'etre

What can you expect from this weblog?

Well, we have no party line. We don't play happy families. We are four square against this bypass, and we consider pretty much any tactics fair game if it stops this road.

This is a space for holding a mirror up to the bureacrats, the profiteers, corrupt local and national politicians and reminding them how damned venal and bug-ugly they are. We don't presume to know (or care) what the 'public opinion' is or may be. It really doesn't matter much if it holds us back from stopping this scheme.

We are legion. It's time for a different kind of campaign, and it starts here.


roadmunkey said...

what is the new type of campaign and when do we start!!!

Children of Lewin said...

Tactics are not something to discuss so openly in a public forum...we'll see...