Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SCC - defeat?

The worst news this past week has been that SCC seem to have won this round of their fight to erect yet more buildings at Bridge Mills, near to Rossington Park. These will be two huge buildings, between 37 & 46 feet high and 48,000 & 41,000 square feet in area. The best they can offer is that they will be 'sympathetically coloured' to blend in with the environment: it seems they've listened to Ivan Bell if no-one else.

There's been a lot of activity by the Residents Association to oppose any new construction, and hundreds of local people have signed petitions against any new plans. But this has predictably been ignored by SCC and High Peak Borough Council. The familiar justifying cry of 'bringing jobs to the area' is irrelevant since High Peak has full employment.

Glossop Advertiser and the Glossop Chronicle have both had articles this week about the planning meeting where the decision was ratified. The latter seems to have had use of a Crystal Ball and is headed 'villagers lose fight', and the Chronicle has a fatalistic 'Watchman' column (always written by David Jones, natch). Well, we'll see won't we? Because it's now clear that the authorities do not pay attention to polite objections, and this is clearly the time for new tactics. Either that, or this situation can only get worse for the area.

We'll be interested to see what happens from now on.


Tameside Eye said...

And all is quiet at the gormless Gamesly coucillor Anthony McKeown's blog. I wonder what he has to say on the subject.

Cllr. Ivan said...

It was only because the Peak Park Board finally woke up and wrote a report, that even the planning Officers were shamed into listening to.
Mainly by all of the protests.
If there had been no protests then you would have got more grey ,white come and see the industry buildings type
Cllr Ivan Bell