Monday, December 24, 2007

Temperance Green - victory?

We're pleased to report that the villagers of Broadbottom appear to have won their fight to keep Temperance Green from being tarmacked. At least for now.

Their blog reports that the Longdendale District Assembly has rejected the suggestions from their own planning officers, with that well known Eco-warrior Sean Parker-Perry taking it upon himself to write to residents.

This is something to celebrate. RAGE kicked off a swift campaign, utilising similar techniques to ours to get this issue out into the open. It's now nipped in the bud.

Our suggestion to them would be to go for formal Village Green status - if possible - to ensure TMBC can't change their mind again too soon.

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Tameside Eye said...

I was told by a councillor that Sean Parker-Perry did an email last year to all councillors instead of sending Christmas cards. He did the usual "instead of sending Christmas cards this year, I have used that money to go towards planting trees...". What will he do when Swallows Wood if Swallows Wood is mowed down??? That is a shit load of carbon offsetting he will be doing!