Sunday, April 13, 2008

James Purnell's Vanishing Trick

Word has reached us that something fishy is going on over at James Purnell's website. You'll remember our post some days ago now included some links to James' website and his involvement with Sean Parker-Perry's Active Longdendale project.

Strangely, those pages have now been taken down within the past few days. We'll chronicle the changes below:

Firstly, a page promoting Active Longdendale's work at Lymefield on July 1st 2006. The original URL no longer displays the page, but for the time being, Google's cache has a version. To be helpful, we have a snapshot of the page to record it for posterity.

Secondly, a report on the work at Lymfield. Again, the original URL is now blank, but Google's cache is still there. And once again, we will keep a snapshot here for as long as necessary.

Lastly, the PDF of the AL flier that we mentioned was available on this URL, but that too has now vanished. We grabbed the flier and you can download it here.


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