Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pull Your Finger Out

How's this for grabbing the headlines: whilst posting leaflets for the coming elections, a dog bites Andrew Gwynne MP's finger as he penetrates the letter box. He makes a rapid call to his Councillor wife and zooms off for medical treatment, but then what? ONLY THREE SEPARATE BLOODY PICTURES OF HIS FINGER IN A BANDAGE in the local press, plus also a picture pf him having a book presented to him by Gordon Brown - because of his bitten finger!

Now it certainly could be said that this MP should have pulled his finger out yonks ago for his constituents because in Denton West all 11,000 suffer in the worst air polluted locality in Greater Manchester, and he wants even more pollution stuffing into his constituents lungs (including children and babies) with the extra effects of the Bypass.

But what contempt is this when a Labour MP, whose party created a war in Iraq under false pretences, requires his bloody finger being photographed in all the local press, and the poor sodding Armed Forces sent out there are returning with missing limbs, in wheelchairs and with shattered bodies whilst this MP seeks public sympathy for his sodding finger. This is not an April fool, it's fact isn't it Mr Gwynne? - and being a disabled Army bloke myself, you can stick your finger where the sun doesn't shine.

Should you want another grotty Labour story read "labour kicks out the Councillor who disappeared" by Rochdale Labour group in the M.E.N April 3rd 2008 - where did he vanish to? Sod me it was Spain again, the home for quirky Councillors.

Come on Tameside Reporter, would you like pictures of my 14" scars as an ex-squaddie, or are you waiting for Andrew Gwynne to get a sodding cold at an election?!

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