Monday, October 27, 2008

Derbyshire CC & Tameside MBC - Traffic Management fuckwits

Are there any people out there who seriously believe that both Derbyshire County Council and Tameside MBC  - 2 of the main sponsors of this planned bypass - have any credibility in terms of traffic management?

If there are such weird individuals, then please be my guest to take a stroll along the A57 tomorrow.

Essential work being undertaken by United Utilities in Hadfield and National Grid just over the border at Woolley Lane means that the A57 is effectively shut off for traffic coming from the Sheffield direction. Local traffic from Hadfield cannot similarly access the A57 to Hollingworth.

Tonight, I viewed traffic queuing all the way back from New Road, Tintwistle, along Waterside, down the length of Woolley Bridge Road, along Brookfield and into Glossop. 

What utter madness and bureaucratic idiocy has scheduled the closure of 2 roads along the same route at the same time? COULD YOU TRUST THESE TWO AUTHORITIES TO RUN A PISS UP IN THE PROVERBIAL BREWERY?

What's more, would you allow them to construct a pseudo-motorway on the basis of relieving 3 villages of traffic when that's clearly of no concern to them for the next 4-7 weeks in this neck of the woods? Wake up...

*UPDATE, 28th October 2008: we are reliably informed that the United Utilities work at Shaw Lane has been suspended, no doubt to ease the gridlock and filter some traffic through Hadfield towards Woodhead. Meanwhile, the work on Woolley Lane has not even started yet. is reporting that prior to this change, it was taking traffic 2 hours to get from Glossop to the top of Mottram Moor via the diversion in place. They have also pointed out that Local Authorities were given the power this year to co-ordinate roadworks to avoid such disruption.

It'll be interesting to see how many calls this creates for a bypass as soon as possible or similar twaddle. I'd like to ask anyone moaning in such a manner exactly what they think the disruption will be like once construction is underway? Do they also realise that the Highways Agency's evidence illustrates that the bypass will be full to capacity on the day of opening?

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