Monday, October 13, 2008

Lorry Ban Now!

It seems that our opposition are dividing themselves very nicely. Readers of last week's Glossop Chronicle may have noticed an article calling for a trial Lorry Ban to close the A628 Woodhead Road to HGVs - but the call was coming from a pro-bypass supporter, Tintwistle Parish Councillor Bill Clarke

And although Clarke states that he wants a Lorry Ban to make the wait for the Bypass easier, there's no doubt that if it's particularly successful, that it's going to change a lot of people's minds about the bypass. 

Which is why Longdendale Siege's Mike Flynn did the usual huffing and puffing stating "it won't work" (can any tech-heads out there build us a Mike Flynn Press Babble generator?). Even better was his brilliant grasp of mathematics with this classic quote:

"I have seen figures saying it will be £300m, yet not too long ago they were quoting £100m ... it will probably end up at around £150m" 

Yes, Mike still remembers his "Mean, Median and Mode" from his 11+ days many years ago. Well, almost...

He's afraid a Lorry Ban might work - which is why we'd like to support any calls for it, from wherever they come. We'll echo Bill Clarke's sentiments in the article - "Trial it for 12 months ... I am sure diverting HGVs will make a big difference" - amen to that.

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Tom Hagen said...

Done by your pal David Jones.