Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Are Tameside MBC manipulating the Mottram traffic lights?

We've heard reports - and experienced ourselves - delays caused by very noticeable changes in the traffic light sequence at Mottram over the past few days. Last week saw some extremely short sequences at the traffic lights between Market Street and Stalybridge Road, leading to long delays along the A57 in either direction - one contact reported that it took 2 hours to get from Denton into Glossopdale at rush hour evening one day last week.

This week has seen the sequences reversed, with long delays for local traffic between Broadbottom and Mottram.

We've reported on this seemingly deliberate manipulation of the traffic lights once before, but it does appear to be rather extreme of late, just as the prospects of the bypass begin to look shaky, and Tameside want to build their own version.

We welcome any insight that NMB readers can provide - if you have insider insight into these matters and have evidence that it is deliberate, let us know.


kirtlegreen said...

there were yellow jackets hanging araound Mottram crossroads recently, looked like they were up to something as this tends to confirm.

Probably need some queue evidence to make their case?

Anonymous said...

We tried to get from New Mills to Huddersfield using this route just few couple of weeks before Christmas. The traffic was queued bach towards Manchester out of sight but we slipped across the lights easily???? We were then held up for 1 hour while a police/community "traffic speed initiative" plus police van parked up in the bottleneck a mile down the road. This allowed one vehicle at a time to pass up towards Yorks??????? Speed Initiative or what??????
LMAO (:-0)