Friday, October 01, 2010

Longdendale Siege plan 'pedestrian crossing' demonstration next week

Longdendale Siege's Mike Flynn gives the exclusive to this week's Glossop Chronic that he and his chums are planning a novel demonstration next Wednesday morning: they plan to stand at pedestrian crossings along the route of the A57 and A628 throughout Longdendale, constantly activating them in order to create massive tailbacks of traffic between 9.00 and 9.30 a.m. Siege realise that time is running out for Bypass 2.0, since the Comprehensive Spending Review that is due on 20th October may well cut this scheme, as well the original bypass program, which is currently shelved.

This is not a new idea: similar protests were reported in May in Dorset, where some people used the tactic to protest about HGV traffic going through small villages. Now Dorset is one of the few English Counties that has no motorways running through it, and it's not clear that the protestors in that case were calling for new roads to be built. But is must be remembered that Longdendale Siege have continually refused to back calls for a HGV ban along the road, which demonstrates their insincerity about seeking a solution to the problems with congestion.

Of course, the irony is that Longdendale Siege's main constituency has been a mythical one - 'the motorist'. But although we don't believe there is such a thing, from their perspective, it seems a bit daft to alienate those you most rely on for support. If they agree with the government that money is tight, and if they are so desperate, then why not call for a HGV ban? In the Chron article, Flynn mentions the Hattersley Tesco almost as an afterthought, no doubt hoping to attract some passing anger and link the two up.

In the Dorset case, the response to the protest from persons unknown was swift. The button that activated the pedestrian crossing was glued tight. Now there's an idea...


Anonymous said...

Now lets see what influence M.Flynn
has over the Police,because in my book there is plenty of legistlation applicable through the UK Courts which could well apply ie
S69 Public Order Act 1994
S68 Public Order Act 1994
Sections S14A and S14C 1994

Lets have a level playing field for everyone including M.Flynn

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the tailbacks he generates don't cause any RTAs and if there are any that the emergency vehicles can get through.
I bet the moron didnt think of that!

mrs bradley said...

Thanks for your support mr/mrs anonymous and i bet you don't have any children being poisoned by the horrendous traffic problem.Support the cause don't knock the man!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Bradley

Your incredible lack of knowledge is alarming,and all you can spout is handed down rhetoric from people ignorant on air pollution as proved at the Public Inquiry.
Did you appear at the public inquiry and where was your collated,technical
evidence to prove your point ????
what you get in the Mottram region a wide open widespread rural are where few live on Mottram Moor,and any pollution quickly disperses which is absolutely fact.
Talk about poisoning Mrs Bradley,
well get on your bike and visit a compact dense urban area where 47,000 live in Denton Audenshaw bang along the M67 as it joins the M60,whereas you have 9,000 living in the entire Longendale large rural region,and as for traffic volumes yours are nothing other than slow moving single lane traffic trundling up Mottram Moor in an open rural location which cause a further 10-12 minutes to get from Hollingworth to Mottram lights.
Poisoning don`t make me laugh the 47,000 living directly further down the M67 where you want to stuff further traffic from Mottram
which NOW GETS OVER 350,000 DAILY TRAFFIC VOLUMES on the M67/M60 route.
Your spouting what you have been told by scaremongers who don`t want to sit in their vehicles an extra 10 minutes at peak periods.
My knowledge is based on establishe facts,video films,and
extremely accurate statistics,whats yous based on other than gossip..
Surprising why you and others have not campaigned for an HGV ban through Tintwistle and Hollingworth,because thats the end of your limited problems.
Anyone spouting pure rhetoric and not facts should at long last learn the facts and what problems
already many thousands in Tameside are living with regarding traffic.
I expect you will be filling your trolley up at Asda where the parking spaces for 500 constant vehicles will add to you being "poisoned"so thank Tameside brain dead Councillors because they have ruined all our environments over 30 years,and intend to carry on because their severe lack of intelligence serving an equally short of savvy electorate allows them to concrete over vast area`s of Tameside who then bleat constantly without the facts.
Some of us are already well known Mrs Bradley and we see no purpose
as you do in the publicity you now seek regularly.

Anonymous said...

Re To large to accomodate
How about Part 1 and then Part 2 to accomodate the required rhetoric from Mrs Bradley

Anonymous said...

Actually I do have children and thats exactly why I oppose a road solution that will rob them of the countryside whilst generating more and more fumes - its about time you bypass lot got behind the A628 lorry ban - its not the entire solution but its preferable to another road.

Children of Lewin said...

Now you would have thought that if Longdendale was suffering so badly from congestion, Siege wouldn't need to actually make things worse. If it's already gridlock, how can you make things worse?

Reports from the scene by contacts tell me the traffic this morning was far from remarkable, hence the lack of TV/still pictures in any online press, or on the local news. Siege attempted to create a storm in a teacup - and failed miserably.

Mrs Bradley, if you're so concerned about HGVs and pollution, why not call for a weight restriction on the A628? One thing's for sure, you're not going to get a road. Go on, be radical - do us all a favour and do an Emily Davison in front of a lorry

Anonymous said...

Read the MEN Comments Mrs Bradley,and note the way in which the HA/TMBC and the Seige Group have always received their support from the MEN,with carefully constructed photographs and constant references to Mr.Flynn who didnt even turn up at the Public Inquiry over its entire period.I challenged any Councillor.Local MP`s.Seige Members or anyone else to a public forum open debate over a period of 3 years.
Whats so special about any Longendale problems when the UK has the most traffic congested roads in Europe,and most folk driving to work have found ever increasing sitting in cars to reach work.
What you don`t know and which has always been kept quiet,is that its
the ByPass Political bandwagon was and has never been to address the Longendale problem,but the stark reality fact is the intention to increase the road links from Europe into Hull Ports then the M1 to the ByPass and onto the4 M60/M61/M67/Motorway links to Liverpool and the UK Southern regions.
So you keep backing a ByPass with thousands of extra HGV`s from Europe belting along the roads through Longendale
which all Local Politicians keep quiet about,and then complain about the REAL DECIMATION OF LONGENDALE,because it will happen courtesy of You and Others.
Its time you and the Seige found out all the facts not the widesread rumours and gossip.
So imagine the real intentions planned for Longendale,and then slag me off for carefully researching the full substantiated facts not the rhetoric.No ByPass but weight restrictions would end your plight

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful ,if not, an aggressive speech, anonymous and I do take on board your call for a weight restriction which without an obvious doubt would help the situation.....but I fear it won't solve it. Your time taken to research the horrendous traffic problems in our area where I was born and bred is gratifying but you don't really have the answer either do you.Oh and wake up! Longdendale is already decimated! A by-pass is the only answer and we must support the call for one along with the spur.
Meanwhile,enjoy the hold ups but don't forget your face mask for you and your chidren! x