Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bounced out of Tintwistle - the pitfalls of campaigning on a 'pro-bypass ticket'

One of the more spectacular casualties of the local elections was Joyce Brocklehurst - a Labour Party Councillor, former mayor and very vocal in her support for the bypass.

She made no secret of her support for it, and unlike many of her fellow Councillors (and candidates for that matter) campaigned on the bypass.

And she was duly dumped by the electorate in Tintwistle.

If you read this article in the Glossop Advertiser, she's very contrite:

I am going to crack on and do what I can to get a community centre for Tintwistle, work to improve our traffic problems and most importantly see what can be done about these unsightly buildings.

The 'unsightly buildings' are of course, Bridge Mills and Rossington Park.

But people in Tinsle know all about her. Back in 2001 at a public meeting, she was mewling and puking openly about the need for a bypass, and also revealed some contradictions:

We have quite a lot of factories on the waterside. We are trying to get funding from the Government to help [such development] and the traffic problem is not helping our case. The local economy is suffering and local traffic is hindered.

What a surprise. She supported 'developments' at Waterside, but 'wanted to do something about the traffic'. Where did she think the traffic was headed?

And now of course, she wants to do something about 'unsightly buildings'. Built in anticipation of the bypass, which she supports. How will she get out of that one?


Anonymous said...

councillors who support the bypass removed by the electorate? Doesn't seem to be the case in Tameside - New Councillor Reynolds stood on the pro-bypass ticket and wiped the floor with the opposition who, incidentally, included a 'green' candidate who failed to knock the bypass!!!

Children of Lewin said...

IIRC no-one campaigns on a bypass ticket, other than vain fuckwits like Brocklehurst.

If you have proof (i.e. election literature) that 'our friend from the north' did so, send me a scan or post it on your crappy weblog, monkeyboy