Sunday, May 06, 2007

Problem loading page

Who smells a rat? For the past few days, activists have been trying to access the Public Inquiry website, in particular to find out if the minutes from Tuesday's Pre-Inquiry Meeting are available yet. Try it and this is what you get:

We know it's a bank holiday weekend, but this is ridiculous. And the same goes for anyone else who's having their Public Inquiry managed by this crew because the whole site is down.

Whilst we're hardly likely to point out that it's a conspiracy that one can't access the site, it certainly suits those in favour of the scheme.

Objectors are still unclear about exactly what they have to do to ensure their objections are valid for the PI, and at the same time we are all receiving confusing & intimidating letters from the Highway Agency with their own instructions.

And for the cynical amongst us, it begs the question exactly what kind of result we can expect to result from this whole charade when the consultants are incompetent and the Inspector's whole career is based upon facilitating & building roads...

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