Friday, May 04, 2007

Counsel for TMBC: Martin Carter

First up in the 'establishment spotlight' is TMBC's barrister at the Pre-Inquiry Meeting (PIM), Martin Carter.

At the PIM, Carter (a member of the Planning & Environment Bar Association) announced that he would be appearing only at the PIM, and that his colleague, John Barrett would be conducting the Inquiry.

Of course, we all know that lawyers accept all kinds of cases, sometimes appearing as advocates for both sides of a particular cause. And Carter is no exception. Although it is interesting to note that he has backed some causes we'd approve of and that are somewhat relevant here: resisting Compulsory Purchase Orders and fighting cases where Village Greens are under threat.

On Tuesday, he came across as somewhat less incompetent than Charles Calvert (for the HA), but admitted that TMBC were 'working towards' submitting their evidence for the deadline of 5th June. He also said he 'didn't know' what the extent of the information that was available on the combined environmental impacts of the Bypass & Spur together. Such an admission may mean a number of things, though as one objector remarked it's not possible to comment on information that doesn't exist...

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