Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Money talks, bullshit walks...

A little snippet from last week's Glossop Chronicle:

Store signs may be here to stay

Tesco looks like keeping the signs it erected without advertisement consent at their Glossop store.

High peak Development Control Committee is poised to let the supermarket giants keep them.

If the company gets the go ahead however, it will be a blow to Councillor Ivan Bell.

The Old Glossop Independent claims they on the edge of a conservation area and "out of keeping".

The two red, white and blue gantry signs, double sided and externally illuminated, are next to the petrol station and adjacent to the Wren Nest Road store's car park.

Council officials say they are not on listed buildings or in the conservation area.

And as such are signs normally expected at a large supermarket and are not out of keeping with the general street scene.

Do we really need a point-by-point rebuttal? Words fail me (and Ivan Bell contradicts himself again).

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Anonymous said...

you have no right to villify Tescos

Tesco's citizenship is open to all, you can do everything under our roof irrespective of colour, creed, or race.

yours etc

The MP for Tescos North (surgery is held next Saturday, feel free to come so long as you agree with me)