Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Free speech (the limits of)

We note that Councillor McKeown has replied to our previous post on his weblog. He has demanded that I declare my real name, on condition of allowing my comment to be published.

Putting aside that the fact that I am Mr Lewin (Junior), there's an issue of free speech here. Plenty of ordinary people have good reason to protect their anonymity from politicians. In certain other local authorities, openly revealing your opposition to this road scheme carries serious risks. Given that the Glossopdale Councillors are completely willing to follow the Tameside Labour Party's line on the bypass, cautious individuals are wise to tread carefully.

Demanding that I reveal my identity before I can access my rights smacks of the Labour Party's plans for ID cards, which no doubt Councillor McKeown is four-square in favour of.

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