Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rossington Park - the thin end of the wedge

An angry public meeting in Hadfield recently saw upwards of 70 people express frustration at the catastrophe that is Rossington Park, that mysterious, grey collection of huge carbuncles that dominate the landscape in our valley.
Rossington Park1

How this has all happened, seemingly without warning or any kind of informed public debate is at the root of that frustration. Following the suggestion in the witches post, I popped 'Rossington Park' into Google Maps, and found not only the clearly visible grey rooves of these monstrosities (see image above), but also references in the column at the side to companies based there.

Flowers-Plants2go Ltd
Unit 7, Rossington Park, Graphite Way, Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 1QG

Audio Visual Link
Unit 3, Rossington Place, Rossington Park, Hadfield, SK13 1QG

But all of this is the thin end of the wedge. There are those that labour under the illusion that this bypass is being built to relieve three villages of traffic. The truth of its purpose can be found writ large in Hadfield, amongst those grey corporate bunkers where minimum-wage-slavery rules. They're anticipating something, and something big.

Questions need to be asked, ones to which we'll try to find answers for as time goes on:

  • Why place traffic lights along the length of the bypass (interim answer - because you have them at junctions - again, something is being anticipated)?
  • What's the link between the bypass, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund and Manchester Airport?
  • What plans are there for a huge supermarket near Hattersley?
  • Who benefits from mooted plans to build 800 houses along the A57 through to Hyde?
If you thought Rossington Park was bad, you've seen nothing yet. In the meantime, I suggest a new paint-job for visitors to Hadfield from outer space (where High Peak Borough Councillors seem to live).
Rossington Park2

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