Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter From Rossington Park

Well, I was enjoying a couple of bypass activity free days when a small but powerful reminder of the impending doom reared its sweet but ugly head. Seemingly innocent Easter gifts sent to my kids purchased in Northampton arrived. Disgusting Lollypops manufactured in China, air freighted by the millions landed through our letterbox - you guessed it, they came via Rossington Park!
The new lorry hub of the North West built in anticipation of the bypass - R.i.P. Hadfield is now the major HGV drop off point and warehouse zone of the North West. The gigantic buildings can be seen from space (look up Hadfield on Google Maps) aliens might be wondering what on earth are we doing to the Peak District National Park. Uncle Roy, his alleged siege brother in law Mike and Mr Perry know exactly the plan. Warehouses and industrial parks for "economic generation" and f*ck the environment in the process!

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Anonymous said...

Curious to know how you know this came via Rossington Park? Can we find out what other rubbish is being distributed from there?