Monday, April 30, 2007

The Highways Agency & your 'Statement of Case'

Those of us who have objected to the bypass should by now have received a letter from the Highways Agency which asks you to provide a "statement of case by the 15th of June" which you "propose to put forward at the Public Inquiry".

Firstly - Don't Panic! You do not have to appear in person if you do not wish to. Your objection remains an objection unless you withdraw it - DO NOT DO THIS & do not be intimidated into thinking you have to do anything else at all.

But if you are willing to come along to the Pre-Inquiry Meeting tomorrow and want to speak at the Public Inquiry itself later on, then you will have a chance to say so. The more people that do this, the better. It's important that the strength of feeling is known (for what it's worth). It could seriously clog things up, and more delays, means less chance of funding for the scheme if the HA win (if, like me, you're cynical and think this thing is all sewn up).

If you want to speak at the Public Inquiry, but can't make it, then email the Programme Officer Chris Banks - - with the following text (or something similar):

"I would like to notify the Inspector of my intention to make a representation as an Objector at the Public Inquiry called into the proposed A57/A628 Mottram to Tintwistle Bypass & Glossop Spur."

Alternatively, there's a form you can download, print and return to Persona Associates here.

Either way, if your confidence disappears later or your busy life interferes, and you can't speak after all, you can decide to be represented by another group (such as Save Swallows Wood) who can take your concerns forward on your behalf.

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