Thursday, April 12, 2007

Isn't it time for Fiddler's Green?*

Etherow Park 2

Further Googling has revealed Rossington Park's own website, where they are promoting the properties they are selling in a curious manner.

Apparently, the location affords 'idyllic views' - indeed, it did before the same crew turned up with their warehouses.

More revealing is the telling phrase which boasts that "access (to the M60) is shortly to be improved ... following the recent announcement to progress the Tintwistle bypass". Do they know something we don't? And what did I say about this whole project being in anticipation of something else?

Best of all is the map, which shows a strangely grey area to the East - that'll be the huge sheds then. Best not to mention that, nor the hugely increased lorry traffic in this 'idyllic' part of Hadfield that the developers themselves are responsible for.

Etherow walk 1

(and lets not mention that the whole website is strewn with sloppy typos/spelling errors)
*first comment to nail the origin of this phrase wins a prize

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