Thursday, April 19, 2007

Public Inquiry Website published

It's all getting rather real now: the Public Inquiry Website is up and running.

The site and Inquiry itself is run by Persona Associates, who are 'Statutory Process Consultants'. As the more cynical of us know, a consultant is someone a company employs at huge cost to provide the answers that they want. And whilst none of us have a crystal ball, the homepage of this company has a rather long and grim list of Inquiries that seem to go 'one way', albeit with minor modifications from time to time.

Elsewhere, they proudly list their 'clients', who contain some of those very notorious to us: the Highways Agency and Mott McDonald to name but two. How independent will this Inquiry be? And will those who are responsible for running it really 'bite the hand that feeds' this time around?

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