Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beer Goggles

Anthony McKeown must have had a crate of his namesake brew before last Thursday's Glossopdale Area Forum, because he seemed to have attended a different meeting than some of our correspondents.

Rossington Park finds itself relegated to one paragraph in his latest blog, yet the issue dominated the meeting, with the anger being palpable. Whilst the council officers prattled on about distracting 'trinkets and baubles' such as new bins and playground equipment, they also did all they could to wring to their hands about the whole issue, going on about 'creating jobs' (which the area doesn't need as there's full employment) and being ham strung by planning regs. No one brought a violin.

McKeown was present, but chose to keep quiet (as did other more local councillors present - i.e. Mann and McKeown senior). Now he blames it on the Tories, for not being there. But it's one thing to not bother to turn up (for God's sake, we know they don't give a shit!), and another entirely to do so but keep quiet. The best any councillor could offer was to 'make the sheds (of RP) more in keeping with the environment' - yes, it was bloody Ivan Bell! He meant that they should be painted a different colour, but this individual means to split the campaign against Rossington Park, as we've noted before. 'Making them more in keeping with the environment' would mean levelling them. Amen to that!

And there was also plenty of talk of increased traffic in Hadfield. One or two made the link with RP, but how many others have seen the statistics about the predicted traffic increases when the bypass/spur comes online? People in Hadfield are currently looking down the barrel of a gun, and it's time to act before it's too late. It will be too late when the Bypass is built.

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