Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now the papers get their stories from us...

After our post last week about the Mottram-in-Longdendale plaque, it seems the MEN have been visiting us and decided to poach the story (they haven't published the comment we left, unsurprisingly). Channel M (they're joined at the hip) have now jumped in, so we've grabbed it for YouTube and now the story is back home again.

The Advertiser article has a few good nuggets. Firstly, it cost £3000. Second is Oldham, quoted in all his arrogant, obnoxious glory:

"I’ve lived there for 50 years, represented the ward for 40 years and was born in Mottram.

It’s like when a carpenter works in a church and carves a little church mouse on the bottom for an emblem. I don’t see why anyone should make a problem but there are sad people in all walks of life.”

So did Roy make it himself then? No, of course not, the implication is that he has MADE LONGDENDALE. I'm running out of words to express how vile this individual is ... and he's just branded most people in the area 'sad'.

And of course, the media do their worst by turning into a game of political ping-pong and produce a Tory clad in a ridiculous chuckle brother style peroxide fright-wig.

If the MEN want to peruse our blog for other stories to publish, they're welcome. But will they have the bottle to raise the real issues? Or is this story just a bit like a game of mutual 'Chinese Burns' between bum-chums?

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