Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lies, damned lies and statistics

More nuggets from Day #5 were amongst the supporting statement of Patrick Jenner. He illustrates more contradictions in bypass supporters' arguments, this time from the perspective of Tintwistle Parish Council in an exchange with John Watson (page 15, line 19 onwards):

(Jenner) The need for a Bypass came top of the list, giving a clear indication of village feelings.
Q. Well, it is top of the list in the sense that that is where you have put it, but it got slightly fewer votes than keeping the Post Office, did it not?
A. Yes. They were near enough on par.
Q. Yes, that is right.
A. Second to the keeping of Post Office, yes.
Q. Yes.
A. A need for Bypass came top of the list as far as we are concerned, but on them statistics it came second

So that's OK then...

But then, he's rumbled. John Watson clearly points out that his survey is on Derbyshire CC headed notepaper (page 30, lines 9-16). Oh dear:

Q. You have used Derbyshire County Council headed paper to tell people about the survey that you did.
A. Yes.
Q. The evidence that you give, are you giving it in your own right or as an employee of Derbyshire County Council or in what capacity?
A. I am not giving it as an employee of Derbyshire County Council.

So why use headed notepaper then? Does the Council know?

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