Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sean of the Dead

... has been resurrected. Yes, we have received word that some bright spark has managed to bring back to life Sean Parker-Perry's weblog (aka Roadmunkey). Note the change from the original ('bypassedwarrior' rather than 'bypasswarrrior').

Now everyone can read his missives which were posted up until his mysterious disappearance from the internet last month. One interesting piece of information to add is that a wikipedia editor in contact with Sean received a reply from the Borough Solicitor of Tameside MBC on a Sunday!

Meanwhile, back on wikipedia, Sean's other alter-ego (and IP number) has been editing again - this time James Purnell's page. Indeed, all controversy has been removed from the page, just in time for his new job as Secretary of State for Culture. How convenient...

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Anonymous said...

The resemblance is uncanny - is there such thing as a ginger zombie? Oh yes, that would be Hazel Blears!