Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Having your cake and eating it

Older (or should that read 'weary'?) readers of this weblog will remember that amongst our first posts was an attempt to have a dialogue with a Glossop Councillor, Anthony McKeown, about High Peak Borough Council's decision to support the bypass. This fell flat on its face, largely because he refused to allow 'anonymous' comments on his blog (although that doesn't seem to have stopped certain Longdendale Councillors...).

But after months of tedious posts about things that are mostly only of interest to himself, he has now given us something to go on. Today, he reveals that HPBC are steamed up because the National Grid want to use the remaining accessible tunnel at Woodhead to carry electric cables, thereby putting it beyond other uses. His conclusion is that we should all support HPBC:

"...the proposals should not be supported and instead referred to the relevant government office where hopefully the proposals can be stopped or at (word missing Ant!) amended to prevent the loss of this potential future transport route"

How ironic. This is the same lot who fully support the bypass, and join TMBC in pouring scorn on existing alternative proposals to re-use the Woodhead railway line and tunnel to relieve Longdendale of HGVs. So how long do we have to wait for future use of the tunnel? Are HPBC and their councillors lobbying government for sustainable & environmentally friendly alternatives to more roads and more cars? If you've got a point of view, pop over to this post and leave a comment (and remember, any old name will do as long as it's not a nickname...)

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Anonymous said...

What they wont tell you is that if they were to actually do something to improve public transport in the Glossopdale area they know it would be used and would relieve congestion.

So lets build a bypass first, tear up our precious countryside which we and Tameside residents take for granted each day when they look out on to the hills from their window.

It is a load of horse shit so prize cunts like Brocklehurst can go around prostituting themselves to business and go on about the different transport options in the area so they can justify more industrial estates like rossington park without any concern for the residents that elected them there in the first place.

In terms of politics the tories have buried the heads in the sand as usual when they have a chance to reverse the ex labour controlled HPBC and kill off Labours little pet project and show labour just who is in control. The independents don't seem to bother at all or are in favour of the bypass.