Wednesday, July 11, 2007


All we ever hear from Longdendale Siege is how 'outsiders' are responsible for most of the opposition to this bypass. It's a huge part of their argument, that local people all want the bypass. So to whom do they run to drum up another petition? Motorists stuck in traffic queues. And where are they from? Well, once again, Siege supporter Arthur Stanway on the transcript from Day #5 of the Public Inquiry shows us (lines 17-22, page 9):

Q. Thank you. Just a further thought: so you collected the signatures from people passing in cars?
A. That is correct.
Q. So were these all local people?
A. No, no, these were people coming from outside the village. They are from all over.

Not local!

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Anonymous said...

This just shows the desperation of the pro bypass group.

So they are asking motorists, not the surrounding residents? What a crock of shit.